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Consumer Electronics
Application Gadgets

Devices are getting intelligent day by day. We can interact with them. They are also getting smaller and portable.

Transport,Telematics and Logistics
Transport, Telematics and Logistics

Saving fuel & energy has been a key challenge for the transport industry for years. Our hardware and software expertise has helped us build custom end-to-end solutions for this industry.

Home Automation
Intelligent Homes

Ensure control over your home, no matter where you are! Put your problems aside with just a single click. Our home automation solutions give you a reason to live a stress free life.

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Operational Efficiency is a key to every Industry. Developments in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have enabled many industries to measure, control and enhance the efficiency.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Information is the focal point of every business these days. Ability to decipher key information quickly is essential for decision making.

Industrial Automation
Automated Testing Tools

Software and hardware testing is an integral part of product delivery. Automated testing tools play a important role in reducing unconventional and lengthy testing cycles.