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Vehicle Tracking System
The Need

Safety and security of a vehicle is of prime most importance for its owner and they are always on the lookout for a better and foolproof mechanism for theft prevention. However, 'preventing' is just one aspect of security. In the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, having the knowledge of vehicle's whereabouts increases its retrieval chances by multifold. Even otherwise, equipping your vehicle with a tracking device is a good idea as you are always in the know about all the happenings related with your automobile.

Solution: GPS Vehicle Tracking

Whether you are owner of single vehicle or over 1000, Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a be-all, end-all solution to locate, track and secure your mobile assets. It is designed for precise and real-time tracking and reporting of your vehicle(s), no matter where it is located. Integration of high-sensitivity GPS units in vehicle tracking systems has enabled these devices to operate in all sorts of environments such as natural canyons, urban canyons and even under heavy foliage, as long as network coverage is strong. Indeed, gps vehicle tracking is no longer a wonder gizmo shown in Hollywood movies and is very much within the reach of a common man.

GPS vehicle tracking system is primarily used for:

  • Vehicle Tracking: Detection of vehicle (or any other movable asset) location and monitoring
  • Surveillance: On the fly attachment of VTS on the target for tracking it under difficult environments
  • Vehicle Theft Prevention: By planting the VTS on valuable items such as cars, trucks, vans when they are stationary and sending an alert when they begin to move.

GPS Vehicle Tracking in India

Advancements in miniaturization technology and reduced manufacturing costs have given rise to a multitude of vehicle tracking systems in recent years. This puts consumers in an interesting state. On one hand, they are presented with a great degree of flexibility in choosing a device best suiting their needs, but on the other hand, they might feel confused over picking up a suitable gps vehicle tracking device. After all, what sounds great on the paper might not function as well in reality. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best vendor for vehicle tracking system in India amongst the plethora of aspirants.

Vehicle Tracking Vendor in India

Aftek Ltd, with its extensive expertise in hardware technology and embedded solutions easily poses as an ideal developer for gps vehicle tracking system. We have done a thorough market research about the requirements from an ideal vehicle tracking system in India and have also studied the shortcomings of many vehicle tracking service providers in India. As a result, our vehicle tracking solution not only offers what you need from a vehicle tracking device but it also smartly avoids the pitfalls of gps vehicle tracking device from competitors. This means, when you purchase gps vehicle tracking system by Aftek Ltd., you don't need to waste time in knowing, analyzing and comparing other vehicle tracking systems as we have already done that for you! In short, you are taking a smart and informed decision when you invest in Aftek's gps vehicle tracking system.

Some of the salient features of portable vehicle tracking system by Aftek Ltd are as follows:

  • Tracking of vehicle on the maps
  • GPRS for remote location connectivity
  • Support for sending alerts in the form of calls, SMS and eMails
  • Tamper proof switch for remote monitoring
  • RS232 Port for future enhancements
  • Highly customizable and easy to use User Interface (UI) for controlling the VTS functionality
  • Ability to define geofence and storing its template as well as sending geofencing alerts

Mobile VTS

Ever growing and dense penetration of mobile handheld devices in the market has given rise to a new and exciting platform for VTS. All the rich functionalities, features and convenience of VTS can now be experienced at your fingertips, literally! Mobile VTS is beneficial to individual vehicle owners, tour operators and fleet operators and helps them make decisions on the move.

Mobile VTS offers following advantages:

  • Displays vehicle's location on the map along with detailed address of current location, directly on your mobile screen
  • Displays day-wise track details including navigation history
  • Lets you configure various business rules and can send automatic SMS alerts in case of violations (geofence crossing, over speeding, delays, breakdown and more)
  • Using simple SMS commands, VTS can be configured / controlled remotely
  • Can be used for effective order fulfillment in supply chain management
  • Supports all the popular platforms including J2ME (Nokia / Blackberry), Android and even iPhone
VTS Operating Modes

Vehicle tracking solution by Aftek Ltd. offers both passive and real time vehicle tracking system, which makes it stand out from the rest of vehicle tracking systems in India.

  • Real time vehicle tracking system: You can locate your vehicle in real-time either by using the installed vehicle tracking software on your PC / Laptop or by logging on the specially designed Aftek portal, when you are not nearby your PC. Then you can take a glance at a variety of information about your vehicle, such as its current location, speed as well as direction of travel. This info is conveniently displayed on Google maps and / or geofence that you have previously defined. What's more, you can easily customize the software to display only the info you need. Real time vehicle tracking, in this way, is the only full proof method of locating your vehicle in case of theft attempt and without doubt, will help you take re-possession of your four-wheeled beauty in the shortest span of time!
  • You can also benefit from multi-vehicle tracking system (also known as gps fleet tracking system), which is useful for organizations for calculating the efficiency of transport department and increase its productivity by collection various statistics.
  • Passive vehicle tracking system: A self-contained vehicle tracking unit silently records locations, movement and speed of the vehicle in which it is placed, and stores all this info in its finite memory. To access and analyze this information, you need to remove the unit from the vehicle, connect it to your PC or laptop computer (using cable / USB connection) and download the data. This is useful for tracing out your driving habits or for parents who wish to keep a track of their children's driving activities.
  • Monitoring of Vehicle Parameters: Besides a powerful GPS unit, Aftek VTS can also be used as an effective sensor / monitoring device for your vehicle. It easily connects with your car and can monitor various parameters such as temperature (for automatic AC control), fuel level and more. It can also be configured to work as a car door sensor. Such versatility and customizability of operating modes easily makes Aftek VTS stand apart from the competition, offering you unbeatable value for money.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking