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Embedded Testing

Testing the components of embedded systems is often a very complex process. It requires profound knowledge of the characteristics of the devices and platform. Along with highly skilled test engineers, sophisticated test labs are essential. The testing process is fairly detailed involving a large number of test sequences.

Embedded testing

Aftek has an embedded testing team with highly skilled test engineers. We have executed complex projects by quickly adapting to the test setups and functional knowledge.

Inhouse Automated Tool
Aftek has developed a unique in house tool, TestJig that helps automation of testing procedures. It helps in decision making for production go/no-go tests for all devices, provides for stress testing and supports multiple Devices Under Test (DUTs) for volume testing too.
LabView: Test Automation Suite
Aftek has developed a Test Automation Suit for RF Tuner Antenna used in cars. LabView based system helps control multiple parameters for DUT. Graphical control panel for test engineers. Test case development at offshore, test execution at onsite...
Our offerings
Aftek can help you carryout cost effective testing assignments in the following specific areas.

  • Production go/no-go testing
  • CPU, memory usage testing
    Manage footprint, handling of dead lock situations
  • Power management testing
    Power consumption for each function
  • Interoperability testing
    Testing the system with different devices
  • Latency testing
    Delays and latency as per specifications
  • User interface testing
    Display, keypad, LED, LCD testing
  • Load and performance testing
    Test performance of various embedded resources including load testing
  • Firmware up gradation and compatibility testing