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Control Systems

Aftek has worked on different control systems to monitor and control various parameters like water level, temperature, humidity, flow, and so on. Aftek has developed complete solutions for lighting control, safety, and security.

Aftek provides:
  1. Sensor/transducer interface: Aftek has interfaced different types of analog and digital sensors and transducers including
      • Temperature: RTD (Resistance temperature detectors), thermocouples, thermistors
      • Motion and surveillance: motion detectors, proximity detectors, occupancy sensor
      • Safety: gas sensors, smoke detectors
      • Touch: capacitive touch sensors, touch screen
      • Miscellaneous: level sensors, light sensors
  2. Control and monitor application development: Aftek has developed many applications by integrating such sensors into a complete solution. It includes home automation, security, building automation, remote monitoring and control, and so on.
  3. Turnkey solution: Aftek can develop the total control system as a turnkey solution right from hardware design to application development.
  4. Integration with third party control devices: Aftek has successfully integrated third party devices like energy meter and air conditioner control device into control systems. Aftek has developed the protocol converter device required for integration and can be customized according to the need.
Home Automation and Security Solution
We have provided a home automation solution that controls home appliances like lights, fan, AC, dimmer remotely using RF remote control, internet, SMS, and phone. The security system monitors several sensors like motion detector, gas leakage detector and indicates the emergency conditions using SMS or phone call.