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Aftek Joomla Expertise

Joomla! is a free and open-source web-application which provides efficient content management system (CMS). Anyone who wants to publish a web site can benefit from using Joomla! to do it. Being CMS, Joomla! specializes in managing web content with a simple What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface so even a non-technical person can post articles and images.

Aftek expertise

We at Aftek have successfully developed web sites using Joomla!'s various plugins, components and modules, including SEO, local-search, menus, banners.

We are successfully able to provide professional and user friendly look to the existing web sites using Joomla. This can not be achieved without clear understanding of core of Joomla! framework. We completely understand architecture of Joomla! and hence can provide more rapid and reliable web development solution.

Along with the usage of several plugins and modules, we also apply Web 2.0 and RIA to make application more appealing.

We also have developed web site using Joomla! for static content and RoR (Ruby on Rails) at back-end for dynamic content.

We have experience of deploying Joomla! based web sites on both Windows and Linux platforms using XAMPP and WAMP. We have also been able to migrate Joomla! sites from one server to another.

We understand, the way Joomla!'s MVC architecture allow high extensibility and customization using its more than 4500 plugins available.

Joomla Framework

Joomla framework