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Loyalty Based System
The Need

In today's age of highly competitive marketing, retaining existing customers is as essential as acquiring new ones. Are you looking for a simple yet effective solution that will help you achieve exactly that? Do you wish to get an edge over your competitors by ensuring a steady flow of customers? And of course, you would need a system that will seamlessly integrate with your current shop / mall infrastructure, thereby minimizing your capital investment.

Your search ends with Aftek's Loyalty based System (LBS)! Tailor made for Indian market and customizable enough to accommodate global market requirements, Aftek LBS will help retain existing clients through a flexible rewards system.

This system uses Loyalty Points as its base, which in simple words, means assigning predefined 'points' to individual customers whenever they make a purchase from you. You can integrate these points into every marketing feature, campaigns, schemes and competitions. You can also set the rules of participation and assign award levels. Points earned in this way can be redeemed by customers through various means. Thus, not only your customers will reap the benefits of instant redemption but they will also get rewarded for trying out new areas of spending.
Aftek LBS utilizes client / server architecture which proves immensely useful for administrating the system. You can easily define various schemes / products / categories for individual store or every store in the chain all at once. Earned loyalty points and point-gaining transactions are captured by a stand-alone card on the terminal (PoS), which can then be transferred to a PC or a backend server for an in-depth analysis. The LBS software maintains a comprehensive database of all retail outlets along with any redemption and loyalty schemes. Since LBS offers easy integration with existing PoS, the capital investment automatically reduces. Following architectural diagram shows the working of Aftek LBS:

As illustrated above, Aftek LBS can be mobile or smartcard based. Customers can register with LBS through a simple registration process - either by manually filling a form at a local store or via online registration. Once the registration is accepted, LBS validates the customers' eligibility and grants the Loyalty System Membership. Afterwards, 'Loyalty Points' will be allotted on every purchase by that customer. Customers can then redeem these points and receive various rewards proactively with LBS. The Client can also offer rewards to customers, encouraging them to spend more and to gain additional loyalty points. This, in turn ensures a long stay of customer with a particular client.
Some of the salient features of Aftek LBS are as follows:
  • Customer information management: Once a user registers, he will receive an e-mail notification
  • Issuing subsystem: Issuing of Smart Cards
  • Store management: Manage multiple stores and their PoS associations
  • Membership management: Manage multiple membership types
  • Scheme management: Manage multiple schemes with multiple stores, products and memberships, Limited period or promotional scheme can also be defined
  • Rewards management: Manage your rewards as per category and membership type
  • Website content and advertisement management: Support for managing the site content and images for the website for promotional activities
  • Reports: Different reports to analyze the transactions and data mining for Administrator
  • Access rights: User Level / Administrator level access security
  • Email Marketing communication: Optional email marketing can be done based on gathered customer data
  • PoS integration: LBS can be optionally integrated with different PoS vendor's backend or device
  • Web service integration: Optional Web service support for PoS transaction and card issue Operations
  • Redemption management: Redeem loyalty points online or at a store and view loyalty point balance. Customer can also be notified about redemption.
  • Workflow management: - Execution and confirmation of the request through backend workflow
Aftek LBS is beneficial for both the clients and customers, as detailed below:

A) Client benefits

  • Reduced attrition and Increased Loyalty
  •    Customers remain loyal to the client due to rewards they receive, helping reduce attrition.
  • Differentiated Services
  •    Greater ability to generate differentiated services based on different memberships and spending capability
  • Longer Customer associations
  •    Usage based benefits motivate Customers to stay for longer with a client.
  • Speedy ROI
  •    With increased Customer usage, Client benefits from an improved ROI.

In essence, satisfied customers not only stay longer, but also help to enhance brand awareness through positive word of mouth.

B) Customer benefits

  • Ease to Use
  •    Customers can easily opt-in for Loyalty System with flexible registration options.
  • Benefits regular Subscribers:
  •     Customers benefit from regular prompts to redeem accrued rewards online.
  • Repeated Rewards:
  •    Client can offer different schemes and rewards to retain customer's interest and enhance their satisfaction level.
  • Better Value for Money:
  •    Usage based rewards give additional value to every purchase.
Our Smart Card Solutions

Aftek also offers to develop customized solutions based on smart cards to cater application needs.

  • CATC USB analyzer
  • USB2.0 host tester
  • STAR 3150 smart card analyzer