Video Door Phone (VDP)
It is a solution for security and can be used in home automation as well.
The Need

Video door phone has become a necessity of our life because we love our families and we want to protect them. We require a way to see the visitor and have a conversation before allowing the visitor into the house.

We also wish to keep a watch on children when they are playing in the garden or in the club house.

The high quality video door phone is a state-of-the-art product which comprises of:

  • An indoor unit with a monitor
  • An outdoor unit with an in-built microphone and camera

The hands-free video door phone enables the person inside the house to see the visitor and have a conversation before entry into the house.

Video Door Phone
Video door phone solution designed and develpoed by Aftek provides high quality audio video communication. The solution enables viewing and communicating with the visitor through user interface deployed at home.
  • Extremely elegant and aesthetic
  • High resolution color 7" TFT LCD panel at monitor unit
  • Color CMOS camera interface
  • Crystal clear two-way audio communication
  • Support for "dual-entrance" apartments: It can expand up to two outdoor units (door units) to meet the requirement of dual entrance apartment
  • Society gate support: Visitor, security guard can have audio and video communication from the society gate
  • Premises camera: Cameras can be connected at different places (for example garden, club house) and can be monitored
  • Surveillance or monitoring mode: Any camera can be turned ON from the monitor unit manually (in case someone knocks the door instead of pressing the door phone button) for surveillance or monitoring purpose
  • Multiple call support: It provides support for handling multiple calls at the same time. If one call is in progress and the second call is received, then the user gets an indication on the LCD of the monitor unit. The user can switch between the calls
  • Night vision LEDs provide clear images at night.
  • IR remote control for easy operation
  • Configurable melody ringer
  • Feather-touch key panels for monitor operations
  • Volume, brightness, contrast adjustments as desired
  • Integrated door latch
  • Single cable between door unit and monitor unit