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Secure Home Gateway
Secure Home Gateway(SHG) is a low cost solution that protects your home from burglaries and mishaps like fire, gas leak etc. It makes your home a smart place to dwell in by controlling lights, curtains, doors and more.
The Need

In today's world where crime rates have risen exponentially, there is nothing more re-assuring than knowing that your loved ones at home are safe. A home security system has become a necessary part of most homes and no one would dream of living in a home without one.

Can everyone really afford it? Well, most of the security systems available today target the high end market. How can an average person secure near and dear ones?

Here is Secure Home Gateway (SHG) from Aftek Ltd. that will solve the safety and security needs of a common man. Now you can feel relaxed when you are out for a business trip for a few weeks. While traveling with your family on a vacation, you can leave your home unattended; don't worry SHG guards your home.

Aftek hase worked hard to balance your needs and expenses. You can choose to buy the complete system or the required components.

SHG packages:
  1. Security
      • You can create secure zones by installing motion sensors inside and outside your home. Using state-of-art home security system, you can detect intrusion effectively. During such an event, a phone call is made to the police, text messages and emails are sent, and alarms are sounded automatically. If cameras are integrated with the system, clips (still images or moving pictures) are also captured and stored.
      • 'At home' mode and 'away' mode are provided for controlling security 24 x 7. Contactless smart card or PIN based access is provided for door entry validation.
      • Video door phones can be used to communicate with the visitor at the door. You can talk to the visitor using telephone or display unit and open the door after confirming the identity of the visitor. If you are not at home, an audio video message is recorded.
      • You can use live surveillance feature for monitoring the complete home from a single location.

  2. Safety
      • Various fire and gas leak detectors keep your home safe. If such an event is detected the relevant persons are informed by sending text messages, making pre-recorded calls and sounding alarms. Sprinklers, if integrated with the system, are also turned on.
      • Safety pendants or buttons are provided with the system; these pendants can be given to elders or patients. In case of emergency, press the pendant to inform family members about the emergency event. Alarms are automatically raised to notify neighbors and security persons.

  3. Lighting control
      • You can control your lights, fan and other appliances using various interfaces like remotes and display units.
      • You can also set different profiles to suite your needs. A movie profile will dim all the lights, close curtains and you are all set to enjoy your favorite movie.
Key development features

  • SHG has been deployed on an iMX21 processor that runs Linux operating system
  • Display unit has been deployed on LPC 2220 along with 7"LCD display and audio interface, with feather touch key pad support
  • Audio codec for playing and recording audio through various interfaces
  • MPEG4 compression of the video data received from camera using MPEG4 engine
  • Modem with Caller ID support to handle emergency & society telephone line interface
  • NAND flash for storing audio video clips (visitor or intrusion)
  • Various applications including remote control, key fobs and pendants have been developed using Aftek proprietary RF protocol stacks
  • Proprietary Multimaster Protocol has been used for communication between various components (including multiple master) of SHG
  • USB mass storage devices support

* This solution is marketed by Digihome Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Key Skills
  • C, C++
  • .NET
Hardware/Embedded Technologies
  • Embedded Linux
  • Hardware architecture design and development
  • BSP and HAL design and development (SPI, PCM, RS-485 driver, RS-232 driver, LCD, Storage)
  • Arm Developers Suite
  • RF
  • Multimaster
  • GSM
No two people are the same and so their needs. SHG is highly customizable software with a state of the art configuration utility to configure the system for different needs.

Cost Effective
The solution is designed for users who need basic features for controlling and securing their homes making it affordable.
Components of SHG include
  • Central video SHG controller
  • Display unit with keypad (maximum of two display units can be supported)
  • Video door phone (maximum of four video door phones can be supported)
  • Radio Frequency Controller (RFC) (optional, not needed if onboard RF controller is user. Maximum of two RFCs can be supported)