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Power Management Overview

Power management is fundamental in today's e-businesses, which run on a 24x7 information flow. Mission-critical networks depend on the significant investment in UPS systems. However, heterogeneous, complex and distributed enterprise infrastructure make it difficult to test, monitor and manage these systems.

Aftek has developed Powersafe, a product that addresses this issue. Powersafe integrates the management of enterprise-wide UPS with the preferred e-business management frameworks like CA unicenter and HP openview.

Powersafe is the first software that is vendor-independent. It helps to effectively manage capital investment in UPS by:

  • Proactively testing, monitoring, and managing UPS network
  • Managing all the major vendor makes and models
  • Integrating into network management through unicenter, openview, or in stand-alone mode
  • Allowing the operations team to access and control UPS remotely through browser, mobile device, and WAP phone


  • RFC 1628 compliant MIB for the UPS-make and model neutrality
  • Built-in drivers for Merlin-Gerin, Liebert, Powerware and APC UPS
  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of the status of UPS (on battery-alarm)
  • Real-time monitoring and control of all UPS (supported) parameters
  • Single window, integrated monitoring, and control of UPS
  • On-command and scheduled UPS tests and shutdowns
  • 24 informational, warning and critical alarms; and configurable, user-specific actions for the alarms
  • E-mail, pager, notification, command, and shutdown
  • Intranet-based monitoring, control, and configuration
  • Data and event logging
  • Web monitoring, control, and configuration
  • Mobile (PalmPC) monitoring and control
  • Wireless (WAP phone) monitoring and control
Key Features
  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of UPS status
  • Real time monitoring and control
  • Notifications via emails, text messages for faults
  • Extensive data and event logging
  • Various user interfaces like desktop, browser and mobile