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Digital Home Gateway
We are committed to making your home work for you by using the very latest in smart home technology. It includes: intelligent lighting design, home cinema, combined with complete access control and home security which gives you a greater degree of home comfort and peace of mind at the touch of a button.
The Need
Ever been at a friend's house and wondered whether you left the gas on? Ever wanted to check from office if your child is doing homework or chatting online from home? Have you ever wanted to know who is at your door when you are miles away? Imagine how convenient it would be to access your home and operate all appliances from a distant location! You could control lights, room temperature, and operate the garage-door from any location and with utmost ease.
With state-of-art Digital Home Gateway, it is a real-life scenario; and not just the opening scene of "The futuristic Jetsons!"
Whether you want to stream media around the house, set up a home theatre, or monitor your home whilst away, Aftek's Digital Home Gateway helps you do so. Whether your needs are modest or highly sophisticated, we can design a simple solution just for you.
We bring together the best in entertainment, comfort, convenience, and security technologies; and make them simple to use along with great simplicity. We design each project from the ground up catering to your individual needs and the dynamics of your home.
Plan your dream - your intelligent home - with our Digital Home Gateway.
DHG packages:
We can incorporate the following features in your home as desired:
  1. Home Lighting Control
      • Design the lighting throughout the home as desired: Lighting can enhance the mood and feel of each room.
      • Control individual switches, dimmers, curtains, fans, whole rooms, or the entire house using elegant touch-screens, remote controls, mobile phones and internet easily. Stay assured; our RF remote controls never require you to be in the line of sight of devices.
      • Press a single button on the touch screen to initiate a group of events (preset as desired) - dim the lights, close the blinds, turn on the television, and play a movie.
      • Telephone your home from your mobile phone and enter a code to turn on the room heating: Your home will be warm and cozy when you return.
      • Automatically turn on the lights when you open the main door. You no longer need to enter a dark home.
      • Use profiles to define presets such as Welcome, Good Bye, Entertain, Romantic Evening, Goodnight or Home Lock.

  2. Home Safety
      • The fire and gas leak detectors used in DHG keep your home safe. If such an event is detected, the relevant persons are informed by sending text messages, making pre-recorded telephone calls, and by sounding alarms. Sprinklers (if integrated with the system) are also turned on.
      • Safety pendants or buttons are provided with DHG; these pendants can be given to elders or patients. In case of emergency, press the pendant to inform family members about the emergency event. Alarms are automatically raised to notify neighbors and security persons.

  3. Home Security
      • You can create secure zones by installing motion sensors inside and outside your home. Using state-of-art home security system, you can detect intrusion effectively. During such an event, a phone call is made to the police, text messages and emails are sent, and alarms are sounded automatically. If cameras are integrated with the system, clips (still images or moving pictures) are also captured and stored.
      • 'At home' mode and 'away' mode are available for providing security round the clock.
      • The front door recognizes and permits family members. You can use a contact less smart card or PIN based access for authenticated entry into your home.
      • Video door phones can be used to communicate with the visitor at the door. You can talk to the visitor using telephone or touch screens and open the door only after confirming the identity of the visitor. When you are not at home, an audio video message is recorded. To speak to the visitor at your door set the digital video door phone in the reach me mode. You will receive a telephone call when the door bell is pressed.
      • You can view the recorded clips through the Internet - web browser. Several features of DHG can be accessed through the internet. You can also view the recorded clips on the Local Console after coming home
      • You can use the live surveillance feature for monitoring your home from a single location.

  4. Home Entertainment
      • You can create a special environment in your family room, master suite, or a dedicated theater. You are provided a unique experience that is absolutely a treat to the eyes and the ears. The movie theater experience is now brought home. You not only watch TV but also experience it!
      • Treat your ears to favorite radio stations from the touch screen like never before.
      • Re-live the memories and create new moments with our entertainment package that is compatible with set top boxes like Dlink, D-Box, netgear, and show center.
      • Watch your favorite video, movies at a single click.

  5. Home Network
      • You can easily access your home by logging on to Yahoo messenger or by sending SMS.
      • You can configure emails to be sent in case of emergency.
      • You can connect to the DHG system using a web browser and operate every appliance in your home.
      • You can attend to a visitor at your door while you are at work. You can have a conversation with the visitor from your phone, open the door, and allow the visitor to wait inside the house.
Key development features
  • The core part of DHG has been developed on an Intel IXP - 425 processor which runs on Linux operating system.
  • Display unit or Local Console (LCO) has been developed on PXA27X. It runs on Windows CE 5.0 along with a touch screen.
  • Flash memory is provided for storing visitor or intrusion clips.
  • USB host and device support for both DHG and LCO.
  • Various devices including remote controls, key fobs and pendants have been developed using RF protocol stack developed by Aftek. Multiple RF masters are supported using multimaster protocol.
  • Aftek telephony card supporting FXO and FXS have been designed. Aftek has developed device drivers and carried application development for these modules.
  • Proprietary multimaster protocol has been used for communication between various components of DHG.
  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol has been implemented for communicating with various media clients.
  • Various IP cameras have been integrated and the contents have been streamed live.
* This solution is marketed by Digihome Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Key Skills
  • C,C++
  • Java
  • VB .NET and C-Sharp .Net
Platforms, Frameworks
  • Embedded Linux
  • Windows CE
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Compact Framework
Hardware, Embedded Technologies
  • Hardware architecture design and development
  • BSP and HAL design and development (PCM, serial driver, touchpad, LCD, Ethernet, storage, USB)
  • Proprietary RF protocol
  • Proprietary multimaster protocol
  • Modbus
  • GSM
  • Ethernet (802.3)
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Protocol
  • Custom device controlling protocol
  • Central Data Voice Gateway (DVG)
  • Touch Screen Display unit or Local Console (multiple local consoles supported)
  • Video door phone (multiple video door phones supported)
  • Radio Frequency Controller (RFC) (multiple RFCs supported)
  • RF devices including remote controls, pendants, key fobs
  • Web interface, Yahoo BOT
  • Mobile interface
  • Society Server
  • Access Control

    Full control on all doors, gates, and garages from anywhere in the world on a single click.

  • Efficiency

    Greater control on room settings of the home that help you save energy and reduce expenses. This control significantly reduces events such as: lights left on, TV sets playing to an empty room, or undesired heating of rooms.

  • Customizable

    Every individual has varied interests and desires a different look for the house. DHG provides customized software using state-of art Configuration Utility. Using this utility, we effectively cater to our consumer needs.

  • Flexibility

    The DHG system can be re-programmed at any time to accommodate the changes in your home.

The first deployment
Digital Home Gateway has been successfully deployed at a large housing complex in Pune. This complex comprises 5 buildings and a total of 120 apartments, with 900-1300 square feet area per apartment.