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IntelliCompete is a smart, flexible platform for competitive analysis. It keeps track of your competitor's moves and their reflection in the media. It keeps a continuous track of the information required by you.

Search engines provide static snapshots only; however IntelliCompete gives a dynamic overview of the modifications.
The Need
Business is constantly progressing; product cycles are measured in months and not in years. With the advent of the internet, information about competition is extensively available in various information streams including portals, news, and review sites. We need to obtain the most relevant information about the competition, analyze the information, and understand the competitors move.
Our Solution

IntelliCompete keeps you ahead of your competitors by closely monitoring the area of prime interest. You are updated with the exact details of changes happening on the competitor's website through e-mail on a day-to-day basis. The changes on a page are reported to you at a granular level. It includes changes in content, title, links and keywords on a page.

IntelliCompete also looks for competitor's reflection on the media by keeping track of the latest news items. The daily e-mail gives you all the important news items related to your competition. Each item is ranked on relevancy. You are provided continuous web access to the collected information and to track multiple competitors for the same business stream. You can directly search for the specific information by selecting the specific area, for example competitor website, news and so on.

With IntelliCompete, you Pay Less and Achieve More.

InteliiCompete provides
  • Daily email updates
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • All time access

Data flows right into your Inbox
Intellicompete Data Flow

IntelliCompete regularly crawls the web for changes on competitor and news sites. These changes are filtered extensively to ensure that only relevant data reaches your inbox.

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