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Building Management System
Using Building Management System (BMS), automate lighting and HVAC in an organization; and control energy expenditure, ensure security with digital surveillance, deploy effective safety measures by using smoke, fire, motion and occupancy sensors, get alerts by means of email, text message (SMS), telephonic call and more.
The Need
Are you concerned about the energy expenditure of your organization and want to use energy in optimal manner? Are you worried about the security of your office infrastructure and sensitive data? Would you like to receive alerts and messages as soon as something unexpected happens in your office?

Aftek's BMS solution framework is the answer. We understand the operational challenges for organizations and have designed the BMS framework to suite your requirements. Leave all your concerns about energy consumption, safety, and security to us and utilize your time for more productive tasks.

The BMS solution ensures that lighting is turned on in conference and meeting rooms, cabins, server rooms, and walkways automatically when the area is occupied. Conversely, the lights are switched off automatically when the areas are unoccupied.

BMS solution optimizes electricity usage of the air conditioning (HVAC) system by controlling temperature, fan speed, mode etc. based on occupancy. It can raise an alarm if the external doors are left open for a long time resulting in loss of efficiency. It can also operate curtains based on the configuration or temperature sensor input to improve efficiency.

By utilizing capabilities like customizable configuration and scalable architecture, Aftek's BMS solution can reduce the energy expenditure of your organization by 15 to 20%.

Building Management System
Technical Highlights
  • Communication protocols
      • Ethernet
      • WiFi
      • RF
      • GSM
      • PSTN

  • Interfaces
      • Modbus
      • BACnet
      • LonWorks
      • SNMP
      • HVAC
      • Custom (RS232/RS485)
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Extensible Architecture
  • Integration with many security sensors
      • Smoke detectors
      • Fire detectors
      • Heat detectors
      • Sprinkler systems
  • Ability to interface any number of controls and sensors

Security and safety features of BMS solution include digital surveillance which captures video clips in an "armed" surveillance zone when motion, occupancy, or activity is detected. It analyzes the video data captured in such a clip and can apply face recognition techniques to store relevant parts of the clip. The BMS solution monitors inputs from various motion and occupancy sensors, smoke and fire detectors, door limit switches, and takes appropriate actions accordingly.

BMS can alert you about any unexpected activity detected. Alerts are sent by sending email, text message (SMS), and by making phone calls. It can also take appropriate actions on occurrence of emergency conditions by turning on the sprinkler system in case of fire detection and turning on the hooter to alert security agency if it detects suspicious activity in restricted area. Most of the devices in the BMS solution utilize wireless communication to ensure that the deployment is quick and hassle free.

And that is not all about it! Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, Aftek's BMS solution can be easily extended to support additional functionality based on specific needs of your organization. Since it supports most of the industry standard automation and communication protocols, it can easily interoperate with other BMS systems in a seamless manner.

Salient features

  • Fully customizable and configurable

    BMS solution can be easily configured. It is useful to interface with any number of sensors of different types; can have customized user interface catering specific needs of an organization and more.

  • Provides multiple user interfaces for convenience

    You can connect to the system using browser or a mobile device; send an SMS message or telephone and use IVR to operate the system.