Access Control Overview

Aftek has been operational in the attendance monitoring and access control domain for the past 5 years. We have successfully helped organizations manage their resources in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Attendance monitoring systems necessarily handle data collection and reporting. Aftek identified that various business organizations also require these systems to incorporate complex business rules that may change with change in government or HR policies. The system needs to handle these rules and policies seamlessly without impacting previous data. Day to day operations in time attendance department, EDP department, and the payroll department are made efficient and simple to monitor employees' data and generate various reports and logs.

Computerized Attendance Monitoring System (CAMS), a solution developed by Aftek, addresses this need. It records and maintains the daily attendance of the employees and provides numerous other features like shift schedule management, over-time, late arrival, out duty, compensatory offs, gate pass management, leave management, training records, passport-visa details, educational background, organizational hierarchy, CTC details, and appraisals feedback.

Aftek also works on biometric authentication solution that provides secure access in the premises. We have worked on various fingerprint sensors and libraries associated with biometric devices and developed a proprietary OS with memory manager for storage and retrieval. CAMS software integrates with smart card and or biometric fingerprint readers effortlessly.

CAMS generates 75+ reports and stores 2500 transactions per day per reader.

The Need

Organizations spend a lot of time, cost and efforts in recording, maintaining, and utilizing the time and attendance data of employees. This process requires the time-office to record the IN and OUT timings, track various types of leave, out duties and then use this data for generating payroll at the end of every month.

Government regulatory bodies need certain attendance and leave information details on a periodic basis. These reports are tedious and time consuming.

Workflow structure is a common scenario in many organizations, which involves sanctions for leave and out duty from the superior.

Visitor management and tracking is a generic requirement that every organization desires.

Access control is required to restrict entries to certain areas as an additional security in terms of secrecy and human safety.

Companies may have multiple branches spread across various geographical locations. It naturally becomes more difficult for the head office to consolidate the branch data and maintain it over the years.

There is thus a need for a simple, robust, centralized solution that facilitates time attendance, shift scheduling, paperless, self catered, leave management system, visitor tracking, restrict access, branch data consolidation, and generate various reports.


Computerized Attendance Monitoring System (CAMS) developed by Aftek addresses these needs just at your finger tips.

CAMS helps small and medium sized organizations to easily monitor the employee details. It thereby increases the overall efficiency of the HR, time keeping department, and reduces the cost associated in this process.

The multipurpose Aftek smart card reader serves as an attendance recording, access control, employee tracking, configurable device. Aftek's smart card reader supports mifare classic and mifare ultralite smart cards. It also supports biometric finger print recognition (an optional feature) in addition to the smart card and adds more security. It is an effective solution to handle attendance frauds; it provides secured access and tracks the where-abouts of employees using inbuilt relay, door latch control support.

Along with the daily attendance records, CAMS also provides numerous other features like over-time, late arrival, out duty, compensatory offs, leave management, shift scheduling and much more. It is a user-role based client-server system and can be configured easily to incorporate the changing business policies like late coming, leave group, out duty, holidays, compensatory-off etc. A wide range of MIS reports are included, namely, muster, shift schedule, different registers, spot reports with plenty of selection criteria like date, employee ID, branch, department, category. These reports filter the attendance information effectively and optimize the queries and processes of HR, time keeping office and EDP departments. The ability to configure muster (attendance) report for different formats and 'days present' calculation logic makes CAMS a flexible product. All data can be exported in following formats: text, CSV, XLS and XML. This data acts as an input for payroll and ERP systems. You can also export the reports as email using CAMS.

Various 'HR alerts' are provided for events such as employee birthday, card not flashed, absent, passport expiry, visa expiry.

Organization having canteen facilities may also want to track the canteen services availed by an employee. This optional feature of 'Canteen Management System' can be deployed with CAMS to track the services used by the employees. Various reports on the services used can be generated and the appropriate accounting actions can be taken.

The gate monitoring feature (optional feature) enables the organization to identify employees and track visitors at the main entrance gate to ensure more security.

A browser based utility named e-Apps (optional feature) is provided to manage Leave Applications, Out Duty details, and "Forget to swipe (flash card)" details. Every employee (registered users) can login and access these online menus through this utility. It helps to reduce the paper work. It is a workflow action requiring supervisor intervention. Once the leave application is sent online, the superior can sanction or reject it and this action directly updates the attendance records. A supervisor can delegate the task of sanctioning and rejecting leaves to a subordinate. Various time tracking graphical reports are available for the supervisor to take decisions.

Thus, CAMS is a complete e-business solution that handles HR and time-office processes of your organization efficiently and effectively.

Our Clients
  • Enkei
  • Badve Autcomp
  • PCL
  • AEPL
  • Electro-Pnuematic
  • Arihant-Domestic
  • Divgi
  • ADOR
  • Sermo-PM
  • Walker -Exhaust
  • Renfro India Pvt Ltd.
  • Techno-Steel
  • Employee centric data and policies
  • Flexible shift schedule management
  • Flexible late and gate pass rule support
  • Various leave and leave group policy support
  • Flexible holiday and holiday-group support
  • Multiple overtime policies, manual authentication for overtime, late and attendance punching support
  • Multiple company and multi - branch support
  • User defined data export format
  • On-line and off-line reader support
  • Extensive report generation

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