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Device Security Solution
Aftek introduces Android Mobile device security solution that guarantees peace of mind. Provides a "multi-factor" voice authentication system that can secure mobile devices. Currently the solution is available on Android phones only. A non-invasive voice biometrics algorithm is used to verify an individual's identity before secure transactions can proceed. This technology is completely spoken language independent. A patented technology based on two decades of Interpol funded research and used by European government as a means for criminal identification. Being based on voice forensic science ensures a true physical biometric of an individual and not just a statistical analysis.
The Need
Phone robbery cases are increasing at such an alarming rate that many Government had called for "Improved Protection Against Mobile Theft".
According to FBI the reported mobile phone thefts increased almost 33 percent over last two years, from 60,100 to nearly 80,300.
Mobile phones users in India suffer an annual loss of Rs 5 billion due to theft or misplaced handsets, industry experts suggest.
Nearly three million Britons have had their phones stolen. Latest figures suggest that there are 228 mobile phone thefts every hour in the UK at present.
Devices in these systems may communicate on different communication networks and different protocols. In such cases it is impossible for devices connected across these networks to communicate directly. To achieve this kind of communication, protocol converters are used.
"AmSecure" a featured pack security solution for android mobile phones ensures your mobile would be shielded from unauthorized access and theft 24 X 7. Following are various features provided by AmSecure in different versions.

Usage Scenarios
The application is ready for beta users can be downloaded from Android Market. The application would expire after 30 days.
The application is verified on Android 2.0 mobiles. We recommend the users to ensure that the same is used.
The application is verified on Android 2.0 mobiles. We recommend the users to ensure that the same is used.

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